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In the summer of 2017, I was a graphic design intern for the Cinetopia International Film Festival. Working directly under the lead graphic designer, I created and composed content to extend the festival’s identity across print and digital media using branded imagery. I created advertisements, posters, apparel, venue guides, and way-finding.


Digital Advertisements

As an intern, part of my duties included the production of digital advertisements for the festival. I assembled and culminated branded content to fit the specs of various digital sites and advertisement slots. Below are examples of the advertisements which included: block ads, wall papers, banners, and sidebar ads. All of various sizes that circulated before and during the festival. My mentor created the branded imagery, while I composed, measured and reformatted the elements to fit requirements.



Print Advertisements & Posters

Part of my internship also entailed the production of advertisements that would appear in various printed forms in newspapers, newsletters, and flyers. Similarly with the digital advertisements, I assembled the designed elements to fit specifications for printed slots. Part of my duties also included the formatting and gridding of sponsors and creating the cursive neon text.

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Apparel Design

One of my tasks included designing the festival’s tote bag. I chose black to emphasize the light-bulb inspired dark & light motif throughout the branded materials. Additionally, I implemented a simple line aesthetic to translate well to printed apparel and in order to appeal to a diverse marketable audience.



Event Materials

As the festival carried on, I was given more responsibilities of designing content in addition to expanding the branded design materials across digital and print means. Below are examples of my design work for the festival.


Venue Information Guide

I was assigned to design the entirety of festival pass interiors. The content included a list of venues in each participating city, commuting information, an explanation of our partnership with Lyft, as well as rules and guidelines for both pass holders and staff.

I chose a minimalist design to prioritize legibility in such a confined space. Additionally I thought it notable to marker the distance between venues within the city to prepare participants for commuting plans from film to film.


event way-finding

As an intern I also compiled way-finding as a means to visually direct patrons, film makers and volunteers during the festival.